Hope Made Visible

“He had always wanted to write music, and he could give no other identity to the thing he sought. If you want to know what it is, he told himself, listen to the first phrases of Tchaikovsky’s First Concerto – or the last movement of Rachmaninoff’s Second. Men have not found the words for it, nor the deed nor the thought, but they have found the music. Let me see that in one single act of man on earth. Let me see it made real. Let me see the answer to the promise of that music. Not servants nor those served; not altars and immolations; but the final, the fulfilled, innocent of pain. Don’t help me or serve me, but let me see it once, because I need it. Don’t work for my happiness, my brothers – show me yours – show me that it is possible – show me your achievement – and the knowledge will give me courage for mine.” Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

It’s easy to succumb to the mediocrity of the current state of the world. Everywhere I look, I’m overwhelmed with reasons to give up. Too often I witness individuals somewhere in the process of losing purpose, of souls being eaten away by a disappointment with mankind. But if you look close enough, on rare occasions, you’ll find a glimmer of hope made visible – a reflection of the boundless potential of mankind. It’s rare moments and creations like these that remind me of the capability of mankind and give me the courage to face the world with no thought of failure. One million acts of mediocrity are instantly demolished by a single product of ability. Don’t pay any attention to those who have lost hope and who try to drag you down with them. The human mind is a powerful thing when fueled by reason and a firm conviction for life. Acknowledge your potential, reclaim your life, find your passion and your purpose, amaze yourself.


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